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My professional practice spans several mediums – as an artist, graphic designer, theatre director, performer, filmmaker, curator, photographer and writer – with a broad extensive experience of cross-disciplinary practice in the arts and cultural sectors. As the daughter of artists Jeff and Jackie Keen, I had an amazing grounding in the arts from a very early age. I’ve been working closely with professional art institutions for many years and directed/produced theatre shows, project-managed arts events, festivals and exhibitions. As part of this, my work has included delivering learning programmes and outreach projects.

I’m driven by the need to create thought-provoking work that can amaze and inspire. My work is inspired by Surrealism, Science and the magic and mysteries within the natural world… I’m particularly obsessed with the idea of the hybrid creature and our relationship with animals and nature.

I’m always interested in developing and delivering new ways of engaging people in the community. I enjoy an entrepreneurial challenge, thinking creatively and working collaboratively. I’m committed to making the arts accessible to all and supporting community wellbeing.


“Stella Starr is nothing short of a local treasure. It is the likes of individuals such as her who keep Brighton on the map as a town of mischief, glamour and saucy fun. Stella is a woman with a mission, and whether it’s emerging from a giant clam to do a strip or writhing around in King Kong’s hand(!), she achieves what most people merely dream of; by bringing her fantasies alive, through the ever-growing and sensational Vavavavoom!” – Brighton Press on ‘VAVAVAVOOM!

“A vision of old style decadence. Glittering burlesque. Chanteuse and exotic dancer Stella Starr switches the glamour controls to maximum for a celebratory night. Kitty girls and cigarette girls are on hand to point you to the buffet or mop your brow after you have witnessed the dancing bear, white rabbit on stilts or any of the other glitter-clad cabaret acts.” – The Guardian on ‘VAVAVAVOOM!’

“Vavavavoom is the club where Dean Martin meets Peter Pan, where Nancy Sinatra flirts with Eric Morecambe, where Andy Warhol and Elvis are caught in a Carry On movie. A knowing recreation of a bygone era which now seems so innocent and absurd, when there really were people sending out these signals and playing this game with the utmost seriousness. Now we act out the same roles with a light peal of laughter, an exaggerated gesture, and no, that isn’t a tear frozen on our cheeks; it’s just the glitter catching the light.”
– Article on the New Burlesque in The Brighton Reporter

“This was glamour beyond my wildest dreams!” – VAVAVAVOOM! customer.

“Many years ago I worked with Stella at an e-learning company. Stella has a rare ability to read minds. She listens hard and understands what people want, before they even know what they want. What makes her really special is that she isn’t tied into one way of doing things. If you want graphic imagery that is romantic and moody then she can create something that works with that mood; if you want something bright and in your face – she can also do that and if you want something hard-hitting and gritty – well, guess what, she can do that too. This means that Stella is the person I would go to for any graphics work – whatever the project. That’s exactly what I did recently when I wanted a logo – the first person I thought of was Stella and she’s done an amazing piece of work. On top of all of this Stella is a delight to work with – she is funny, open and extremely hard working.” – Henrietta Palmer, award-winning Learning Solutions Manager

“Stella is really better than first class.. You will get not just what you’ve asked for but often what you really wanted but couldn’t quite/didn’t quite articulate at the time. Highly recommended.” – David Matthewson, computer systems consultant