I started very young in film – appearing first in my father Jeff Keen’s films, as well as helping him shoot them, so gained experience on both sides of the camera. I’ve also appeared in other people’s award-winning films.

For more information on Jeff Keen see www.jeffkeen.co.uk.

I’ve also made and exhibited my own animated film work and currently planning a new immersive film installation:


Stella’s films (1988 – 1992) – showreel to come.

Swanking Along (1987) – 16mm b&w drawn/rotascoped cell animation

Land of Lost Content (1987) – 16mm drawn animation

Lust for Life (1988) – Drawn Video

Colour Climax (1989) – Photo animation Video

Video Sketchbooks 1 & 2 (1989) – Drawn animation Video

Cinderella & Secret Garden Videos

“Warm Love” (1989) music video animation (original on 16mm)

Loaded (1990 – unfinished) – live action video

Bloodcount (1991) – live-action vampire feature film on video

The Invisible World (1992) – Photo animation Video

Other lost works (1987):

Roman Road – Super 8

Mud Movie – Super 8

Barcelona sketches – Super 8

BBC2 Title Sequence